14 Body Language In Love Says A lot About Your Crush

14 Body Language In Love Says A lot About Your Crush

Although a silent form of communication, body language is a very helpful way of connecting and familiarizing. Especially, if it’s your crush, you can know a lot about him or her just from a few signals of Body language in Love. This little guide is going to help you understand your crush a little better!

Keep in mind, these signals of body language in relationship only presume of them liking you back, but we can’t guarantee their approval. After all, the real answer lies in their heart.

So, if you want to know if your crush’s heart is scribbling the same pattern as yours, there are a few surefire body language signs to know if you both are meant to be more than just friends. 

Body Language Of Girls in Love – Female Crush: Is Her Body Language Similar?

It is in the best interest of a girl to hide her feelings in front of the guy she likes to be sure if he feels that way too. If you are not yet ready to confront her with your feelings verbally, check for these body language in love signs:

#1. Behavioural body language of women in love

If she likes you too, there will always be a slight change in her behaviour when you are around. She either will start acting very expressive and talkative or will be shy or reserved.

#2. Glaring & Staring

If she is interested in you, you will often catch her staring at you.

#3. Pretending to See Somewhere Else

If you both accidentally make eye contact and she acts as if she was looking somewhere else, drum rolls! Although this is going to happen within a few seconds, the chances are high that her heart beats in the same direction as yours.

#4. Nervousness Is A Great Indicator Body Language in Love

Another clear body language signal that she’s interested in is that she occasionally gets nervous when you two are alone.

#5. Comfy Touch

If you are her crush too, she will be comfortable enough to place her hand on yours or make any physical touch.

#6. Flicking Her Hair Is An Awesome Pick Sign of Body Language in Relationship

Girls tend to touch and flick their hair a lot around men they like. This is a significant clue to know if she wants the same as you.

#7. Remembering Your Dates, Meetings, etc.

Girls are very good at recalling dates, and this is a lovely way to check if you both are on the same page. She will always remember when you have a meeting, exam, or interview and will ask you about it. 

Male Crush: Probably Going To See These Signs Of Body Language Of Men In Love

Who said only women are unpredictable? Men are hidebound too. They are actually hard-wired to behave differently than their “real” self when they are into a girl romantically.

So, if he is into you, check for these body language signals or gestures:

#8. Bright Eyes, Wide Smile

Usually, men do not pass a wide smile to men around them or women they are not interested in. If you are that special lady, his eyes might crinkle and the face would get lightened up. And, if they smile will their teeth showing, be sure that you are extra special.

#9. Instant Replies

A boy will always reply to you as soon as you drop a message in his inbox if he loves talking to you. He won’t miss even a single second to making you fall for him.

#10. Brush Against You

Oh! Don’t get worried about bruising or getting hurt. If your crush likes you back, he will accidentally brush around you in a pleasing way.

#11. Surprises

If he’s interested in you or likes your presence, he will surprise you in some way or the other. He will either show up unexpectedly or will get you cute, little gifts. Isn’t it a good indicator?

#12. Sighing Coz You’re Hot

Men tend to sigh and take deep breaths in front of ladies they get aroused with. If you catch him taking subtle breaths around you with that perfect body language, your chances are high.

#13. Frequent Calls

If his heartbeat is the same count as yours, he won’t resist calling you frequently to say random things. It’s a considerate way of telling if you are his crush too.

#14. Secret Sharing

No surprises! Men don’t share their real secrets with anyone. If he finds you important and special enough, he will share important secrets from his childhood or personal life. Men are complex beings and if they consider you worthy of holding their secrets, they can do anything for you.

We know that you wonder about your crush all the time. If you are important for them too, they may send out some characteristic body language signs to give you a clue. Whilst body language is an awesome indicator of telling whether your crush is into you or not, try and be sensible.

Be calm and don’t rush! Analyze their behaviour or ask them straightforwardly. After all, if it’s meant to be, it will ultimately happen.

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