Nonverbal Communication – Things that your Body Speaks

Nonverbal Communication - Things that your body speaks

Stand Up Straight – The Best way of Nonverbal communication to put a significant impact on your opponent.

Did you ever assume? While you are sitting back in your rocking chair, staring at your laptop or mobile phone, what your body posture is? Just take a minute and audit the posture of your body.

You might be leaning forward staring at your screen, spreading out, flexing your ankles or maybe just hunching your shoulders.

You might have come across situations where someone tells you to sit straight or may be your mother scolding you for slouching at family dinner.

Your Bad Or Good body posture and how you carry your body predetermine every movement your body makes.

Body Language An Awesome Nonverbal Language

Body language is referred to as the best nonverbal language, and it communicates more effectively than verbal communication.

It comes with no surprise that people are more interested in other’s body language, and it is quite apparent that your body language interacts with a person within splits of seconds before you even utter a word.

Importance Of Posture In Communication

You might be familiar with situations where people with lesser knowledge, average qualifications and insufficient skills makes into a renowned MNCs.

Instead of those who are much better in academics, knowledge and skills. Why does this happen?

The answer lies within your body. Your body language, particularly your stances and sitting posture, defines your personality. Sitting in an awkward position for a long time and even becoming used to it can promote bad-posture.

Gestures and Postures in Communication

For instance, using mobile phones and laptops or other gadgets keeps your neck and spine bend, promoting hunching.

Body language plays a significant role in judgment.

Whether it is you who are judging others or whether it is others judging you, these judgments can predict meaningful outcomes like whom to hire and whom to promote or whom to choose for a date.

It is evident that your body language influence other’s behavior and opinion about you, but it is equally evident that it also influences your own opinion about you.

Bad and Good Body Posture In Nonverbal Communication

Do you remember last time you won a difficult race? Or when you completed a strenuous project before the deadline? How your body reacted to these achievements?

You stretch out your legs and open your arms to the sky with your chin high.

On the other hand, when the situation is opposite of it, when you have a heart-break or fail to accomplish something, you shrink your body, and your neck is tilted downwards.

This is how your body communicates with others when you still try to keep things to yourself.

So, what can be done for a good body posture?

When you are standing, your spine should appear stacked in a straight line when looked from front and back. Keep your shoulder-width apart; however, you should not become rigid in your posture, which indicates you are tense or stern.

Keep your arms natural that co-ordinate with your body for establishing better communication with others. Pulling back your shoulders and tucking in your stomach also helps in improving the stance.

Murat Dalkilinc suggests about Good Body Posture

 “while sitting, Keep Your Neck Vertical, rather than keeping it tilted forward. Keep your shoulders relaxed, and your arms close to your trunk. Your Knees should be at the right angle, along with that, your feet should flat on the floor.”

What if your posture is already in bad shape?

Try to redesign your environment. For instance, adjust your screen so that it is apt for your eyes to see. Your body parts, like arms and wrists, should be given proper support.

Sleeping on your side, having a pillow helps to improve your posture as well. Wearing heels seems cool, but for your postures prefer low heels that provide support to your body.

Having good body language or body posture doesn’t mean you become a solid stationary object with little moves.

Movements of muscles and exercises add on to your body posture, try to in-built these postures in your lifestyle because yes, you always need to stand up straight.

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