Secret of Success to Attain Supreme Performance

Secret Of Success – Is it Working Hard Or Working Smart Or Both? The harder you work, the luckier you get And Smart work pays best, Trust it. Know How and Why

Secret Of Success – Is it Working Hard Or Working Smart Or Both?

Today’s souk is an arduous place with plenty of opportunities. Everyone has to get ready and develop skills to accomplish success in this marketplace. Among all the skills needed to master in every field personal development holds the utmost importance.

Personal development is a push, a challenge and a struggle. Talent is no longer the differentiator in today’s scenario.

How people work, determines the quality and quantity of their rewards and adds extra star to their personality. This is what life is all about…

Good habits go hand in hand with success! Becoming the very best in whatever field of endeavor requires a lot of work.

Now the vital question that arises in this situation is what kind of work will take you to that level:

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Secret Of Success – Is it the hard work or the smart work???

Which is better? Which will pave the path to success, hard work or smart work? This is the biggest debate people get into nowadays. Some people certainly incline towards finding the easy way out and follow the path of least resistance while attempting to achieve their goals.

Let us now evidently comprehend about the true meaning of both these terms.

Hard Work – Is It A Secret Of Success?

 “The harder you work, the luckier you get”

This is a popular saying given by an American – Polish film producer, Samuel Goldwyn which seems to be true. Study & continuous learning is called hard work. It means both mental and physical involvement in achieving the goal. Thus, it is quite obvious, when a work is done with extreme effort and endurance, it leads to success.

Let us more clearly understand what hard work is –


Growth, progress, success – these all three things comes quickly in the beginning but it requires continuous effort to hold them in your life. If you are not able to manage things properly, a gradual decrease of all three will be sure. Learning new things, playing a musical instrument, writing a novel etc. are all such examples that require continuous effort and time to succeed in your arena.

Focused –

Desires and goals direct the hard work. Stay focused on your aim and you’ll automatically get the enthusiasm to complete it with the best results.

Determined –

There is no success without repeated mischance, letdown and discouragement. Always keep a strong mind on what you want to achieve and work accordingly.

Requires More Time –

Hard work requires ample of time. Logarithmic growth necessitates consistency and repetition to get the difficult work done efficaciously.

With lots of advantages in its bag, hard work help us discover new things which in turn aid us to work smartly. Making effort is imperative, but where to make that effort logically is what, that makes a difference.

Here are some important ways that help you become a successful hard worker –

  • Develop good habits
  • Become an optimist
  • Try to re-frame problems as lessons
  • Expand responsibilities
  • Make best use of potential and recover weaknesses
  • Jump on an opportunity and take the initiative
  • Chart your past success and review your progress

Though completing the task by hard working requires more effort and time, but it always guarantees amazing results.

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Smart Work – Is It The Most Important Secret Of Success

“Smart work pays best. Trust it.”

Smart work is truly the need of the hour. Working smartly saves a lot of time and allows you to grow further in your field. Not counting on the outmoded ways and using improvised ways of working, helps you reach your goals earlier.

To get an unblemished knowledge about smart work, let us have a look at the below given points –

Exponential & Compounding Growth–

Completely the task using smart techniques increase profits rapidly over time, doubling and quadrupling the effort and results.

Less complicated –

Smart work offers liberty and diminishes restrictions, proffering you the opportunity to generate the outcome you want.

Uncertain –

Smart work comes with the potential of defeat, and failure. Thus, it is good to keep in mind to take calculated risks which in turn will minimize the potential damages.

Adapting the smarter work technique is a great way to achieve the goal efficiently and in lesser time, which in turn builds up on your strength and helps you become a master of the work in hand. Know how you can be a smart worker at your workplace –

  • Analyze the task and completely understand the ins and outs of it
  • Create a to-do list along with the deadlines
  • Always keep a check on the priorities
  • Try to find efficient and effective priorities
  • Keep learning and always be open to ask for assistance

Working smartly and achieving the same quantity of work in less time, is not exactly a shortcut; it is just a superior substitute.

“Work hard, and you will earn good rewards.
Work smart, and you will earn great rewards.
Work hard and smart both, you will earn extraordinary rewards.”

Matshona Dhliwayo

The saying by this famous author relates with the today’s scenario. Blend of hard work & smart work is the recipe for solid success. Working hard, working smart, they’re already intertwined. What we need to keep in mind is to go with the flow, to accept what is and do what’s best.

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Smart Work + Hard Work = Achievement

We cannot achieve the capability to work smartly until we have done the hard work at the scratch. Smart work is our mind &hard work is our strength, closely knit both to enhance your personality.

To attain prodigious heights and lead a better and contented life, it is must to incorporate both things together. If you are not doing things smartly your hard work will never pay.

Comparably, it is true that smart work is fruit of the hard work done, and to master the quality of smart work one needs to work hard. It would undeniably benefit you to overcome your challenges and emerge as a strong personality.

When you work hard and tough, only then you gather the expertise and knowledge to recognize the task and efficiently improve on it to work smartly. Of course, with a great strategy and the accurate quantity of desire, your activities will bring the best outcome.

To sum it up, one must recall at all times that there are no shortcuts to victory. Smart work is possible with experience and experience is possible through hard work.

Thus, “do your hard work smartly and smart work hardly to pave the path for chasing your dreams.”

Working with the combination of both will help you achieve “best of both the worlds”.

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