FREE Site Audit Service by Prakshal Softnet

It is recommended by experts to get an SEO audit in an interval of every 6 months. This ensures that your website is following the latest SEO guidelines and good practices. We, at Prakshal SoftNet have done a lot of Audits for numerous websites and help you with these issues:

Low Traffic And Low Rankings

Even if you had done SEO for your website before, it is low on rankings. We provide you a solution with the cause of the problem with our auditing. With our services, you will get to know about the core problems in SEO of your website and will also know how to get them fixed.

Decreasing Organic Traffic

You might be observing a decline in the organic traffic for your website. We will help you to reach its root cause and will provide a solution as well. There are several reasons that account for this problem such as employing black hat SEO techniques or keyword stuffing. We will find out all such ailments and provide you with a cure for it.

Penalties by Google

Is your website penalized by Google? We will provide you a unique plan exclusively for your website to get your rankings back. You may have tried several times to get your website back on Google’s SERP but no avail. However, with our personalized strategy, it is assured that you will get your position back on Google and will get your domain white-listed.

With our SEO consulting and audit, we ensure that you will get all the solutions for any SEO related problems that you encounter. We have a dedicated team to serve you with this purpose. So make sure that you get a professional report for the SEO related problems on your website now with us. Get your website audited now by contacting us here.

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