How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1

How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1

Content is the key, no doubt but there lies a thin line of difference between a good and a great content which is magnified by search engines like Google. With the help of some small Search Engine Optimization techniques (abbreviated as SEO) used in simple articles to make them an SEO optimized content. 

Any article works only, when it is catchy enough to attract the readers towards it. However, voice and tone are important parts of verbal speech or communication to deliver the actual intent behind what is said. As they contain the emotions and pitch which makes the intent much more clear and loud. But, in today’s contemporary world where 3.5 billion searches occur on a daily basis, it becomes highly evident to address the need of search language hence search engine optimization comes in.

In simple words, search engine optimization is the method of understanding, what is being mostly searched, that gives an insight of the user behavior which helps in optimizing the content accordingly to make it appear in the top search results. Precisely, the purpose of SEO is to use such words in an article which are being searched out the most making it rank better. This way an article can appear in top results when someone searches about that topic or terms related to it. It is highly recommended to publish SEO optimized content to increase its visibility as well as reach amongst the users. This also helps to gauge the interest of the targeted audience that leads to get the desired result curated.

How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1
How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1

What audiences do SEO optimized content serves?

In order to be a part of the top results, it is crucial to understand whom you are writing it to. Different people have different needs but the goal is to cautiously satisfy each of them simultaneously that too without being deviated from the original intent by using SEO friendly content. In conventional copywriting, the focus was to cater to a certain set of audience as a target, but in SEO optimized content, the goal is to cater to atleast two at all the times. To do so, it is important to actually connect with the user through words to deliver the information or knowledge along with making the user feel compatible with what is being written for enhanced connectivity.

The most important thing for a user is their experience when they search, we should aim to write in such a way that their experience becomes memorable and not futile. Moreover, it is the best way to retain your audience to stick on to your articles by making them feel like it’s the one stop destination for all their queries and searches.

Infusing search language becomes critical while making Google aware of what our website is all about or where our article should be ranking as Google is the middleman between a user and a website. Although Google is a super power in today’s world but since it cannot comprehend emotion yet, instilling search language appropriately and adequatey, goes a long way.

Following are some key points which should be kept in mind while writing an SEO optimized content that ranks no.1

Customer Centricity

This is the first and foremost important key to raise a content to rank first position. It is the base fact that customer or user has to be the centre of every content, meaning that the whole content should revolve around the user with appropriate focus on user’s perception in it to make it more relatable for the reader along with solving the purpose of their search.

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Words which are heavily used in searches by users are referred as to keywords. More precisely, the phrases which appear as highly searched as per a search engine are termed as keywords.

Since Google pays keen attention to such patterns of user search, it becomes crucial to add such words to your article to make it appear as one of the top results.

How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1
How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1

Word count

As the name suggests, word count indicates the length of an article. Google particularly doesn’t measure the number of words on a page or if the article is too short or too long, which indicates that its an indirect metric. Rather, studies have shown that long-form content ranks better being deep in knowledge and more defined which leads to better understanding than short-form content.


Being precise about the topic is good but being restricted around it is not right. Linking the content to similar topics, related to the subject, internally makes the article more connecting and reachable for the audience along with catering to various queries of different users improving its search ranking.

External Linking

The web is full of content, both good and bad. But for a user, the question is, how to differentiate between them? To solve this, every business vertical has some authorities who are trusted resources for proper authentication which is termed as external linking to ensure the accuracy of the content.


Structure is a very crucial part of a content piece as it helps a user to understand and differentiate between something more prominent in the same article. Either it is the use of bold letters to highlight something or the use of italicized words or underline indicates something prominent or important for a user to adjust their focus accordingly.


Research is the soul of content. It actually matters the most as the whole intent goes around research, in terms of data to be used or analytics to be mentioned. Research makes the content more authentic, to the point, information oriented and organized.

These small but essential key points are crucial to help a budding writer understand how to write an SEO optimized content that leads to raise an article to the right level, that is in the top results of user searches.

SEO optimized content, if curated with the right approach and in an appropriate manner as suggested, leads to hit the targeted audience easily and dominate the search results getting ranked no.1, making one a master at it along with opting it as a good source of income too as happening these days in the contemporary world which marks the era of progressive “Digital & High-tech World”.

How to write SEO optimized content that ranks No.1
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