8 Necessary Life Skills for Survival in Unpredictable Situations

8 Life Skills Necessary for Optimal Survival in Unpredictable Situations

“Critical Life Skills You Were Not Taught Anywhere”

Life throws curve balls at us from time to time. And when emergencies, accidents or disasters happen, a bag full of money is not the main savior. All we need is to know how to tackle the problem we are in. Suppose you are stuck in a terrible hurricane outside, can you give money to the blowing winds to stop? No! You would need to know some evacuation techniques which are known as necessary life skills for survival.

8 Life Skills for Survival in Hard Times

So, you need certain life skills to cope up with the unimaginable situations that may befall you. After all, life is unpredictable. Here are some of the most important life skills necessary for optimal survival:

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1. Make Fire Without Matchsticks or Lighter:

If you ever come across a situation where you need to light up a dark night, rescue yourself from cold weather, cook food, or signal for help, you must know how to kindle a fire.  Make friction based fire from moisture free branches or other combustible materials around.

2. Find, Store & Purify Water:

As soon as you analyze that you are going to be stuck in the emergency for a little longer, rush to find and store some water. The human body can survive without food for long but can die without water within a few hours or days, depending upon the climate.

If you see runny water, store and boil it for use. If you can’t find a stream, large leaves may come in handy for you as they collect a lot of dew and rainwater in them. Angle them down into your bottle and you will find enough water overnight. Make sure to boil water even it looks clean.

3. Create a Shelter:

Knowing how to build a shelter will reduce the possibility of natural calamity or wildlife of harming you. If you carry a survival tent with you, the task is a lot easier as you only have to set it up and make it sturdy. In case you don’t, you can create a shelter using the natural elements around you such as branches, leaves, mud, clay, moss, etc.

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4. Finding Food:

Although the human body can survive without food for up to three weeks, if you can find food, you will gather the nutrition required to power your bodily functions. You can find enough nutrition in plants in the form of flowers, stems, or seeds. You must smell the plant and do a skin patch test first. If everything seems perfect, you should only eat it after boiling it.

5. Basic First Aid:

You must know some basic first aid techniques in case you face much worse than being in a difficult situation. Most importantly, you should know how to clean, close, and bandage a wound. You should also know how to treat insect bites to save yourself from infections or poisoning.

6. Send Signals:

Of course, you don’t want to spend months in an unfavorable situation. Try to signal for help as soon as you can. If you don’t have a distress flare, you must use fire to

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7. Self Defense:

No matter you are in the water or the jungle, dangerous creatures always threaten you. You should know a few martial art techniques to defend yourself. Also, you should not forget that if you see a harmful animal, you must never run as running incites animals to chase.

8. Positivity:

Most importantly, you must not forget “your” role in your survival. If you stay positive and don’t panic, you are most likely to survive the difficulty with ease.

Learn Life Skills to Manage Beyond Obvious

Learning crucial life skills in advance helps us be prepared for whatever comes in front of us. Who knows what may happen? Did we imagine a pandemic like the COVID-19 even six months ago? No, we didn’t. Hence, it’s time to focus on learning some important life skills required for optimum survival because we never know what lies ahead!

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