Tips that make your write-up fully SEO friendly

Tips that make your write-up fully SEO friendly

So you want to create SEO friendly write-up. Well, writing is an art that can take your article or blog writing career to a greater position. Anyone can write the article but it requires special practice to write down the SEO optimized article. However, writing SEO friendlier articles requires several things to keep in mind. Here in this piece of article, you will see some proven tips for writing good SEO friendly content that can rank higher and higher in the search engines. But before that let us see what SEO friendliness actually means.

Tips that make your write-up fully SEO friendly

What is SEO-friendly?

SEO-friendly write-up is the type of content that a writer writes in such a way that it helps the search engine to rank quite better. Nonetheless, some marketers think that an article must have copiousness of keywords in it. Yes, it means a lot and helps the search engine find it, understand it and most importantly connect your write-up to the subject that you are trying to wrap. Thus to make your content SEO friendlier it takes more than adding up plenty of keywords into it.

Let us look at the tip to write

Always use headlines and sub-headers

In your content for SEO, it is compulsory for you to make use of the headlines and sub-headers properly as it does many things for SEO optimizations. At first, it makes the reading quickly and thus a reader can easily read and understand your content. And this same is applicable for the search engine automation. When swarming through your website, they will be familiar with your headlines and use those under the content better way, for instance, which part is the important one and so on.

Add links to the previous article

The technique through which search engine ranks the content is by numerous backlinks they receive. A good content easily tends to get many backlinks (internal & external). However, to drive greater traffic and rank the previous write-up quite higher, you shouldn’t forget to link those from the latest post. It thus helps search engine automation and people to find your good content.

Additionally, links to the high quality and reliable sites thus maximize the validity of your website. Just remember better is the link, higher will be the ranking of your page into the search results. Furthermore, making use of believable sources within the body of the text generates confidence with the readers.

Tips that make your write-up fully SEO friendly

Choose your keywords carefully

Some marketers like to sit down and begin writing and leaves SEO optimization for the end moment. And others begin-up by writing down the keywords to fit in the content. However, you can begin up with identifying keywords appropriate to your subject matter. You can come with those of your own accord, make use of keyword planning tools or highly advanced tools or can appoint the SEO expert for you to do that.

And if not yet begun, you can learn more about keyword research. And when begins with write-up use keywords into the title, meta-description, body, sub-headings, etc.


These were a few tips that you can consider and remember to use quality tips for ensuring greater traffic and greater involvement on your website.

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